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How to Write Interview Questions That Don't Suck

A first-principles approach to interviewing.

Do you remember preparing for your last interview? You might have bought one of the books on interviewing, or spent time practicing on sites like HackerRank or LeetCode. Perhaps you read one of the many articles on “The 13 most popular React.js interview questions!”. What was your interview experience like? Was it engaging and fun, or frustrating and disheartening? I certainly have memories of interviews on both ends of the spectrum.

Burn Your Backlog

A radical approach to backlog management

Somewhere out there are teams with a meticulously groomed backlog. They spend time each week going through their backlog with the team’s product manager, stories prioritized, tech debt is taken care of, and old or unnecessary stories pruned. Sprint planning is a breeze, and everyone goes out for cupcakes afterward. If this is your team, feel free to stop reading now.

Pretty Printing CRDs with Kubebuilder

Adding extra columns to kubectl get

If you’ve developed a CRD with Kubebuilder, you know how nice the code generation features are. It lets you define your CRD using standard Go object, and then add additional information like documentation. Did you know, that you can also control how kubectl prints your CRD as well?

VT100 BeagleBone Mod

Use a VT100 without a connected computer

Recently, I acquired a working DEC VT100 Terminal. After getting it set up, and connected to an old laptop running Ubuntu, I tried to find a good place for it. However, I quickly found that the extra cables and laptop made it awkward to place where I’d like. What was I to do?